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Delivering “a more rewarding real estate experience” calls for integritydiligencepassion and performance. And those values don’t happen by chance.

We’ve spent years adding to our knowledge of real estate in the Northern Beaches area. We’ve dedicated our careers and professional lives to perfecting the services, the processes and the systems that help us to provide a superior level of relationship and result to our clients.

Boutique is beautiful!

By comparison with some mass-market real estate firms we’re boutique agency its true and we believe that to be our unique strength!

Being close to everything that happens, client by client, property by property, means that nothing slips passed unnoticed. Every detail is covered and every opportunity to deliver the success that our clients are looking for is achieved. At BLAKE Property you’ll see absolute evidence that you’re far more than just a transaction and you’ll soon see what a more rewarding real estate experience can be.

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